Buying a new roof is something that you’ll have to do if you live in your home long enough. It’s something that will protect your house and also give it a newer appearance.

You need to think about the cost factors and other matters when you’re considering the roofing types that are available to you. Metal roofing and asphalt shingles are the two common roof materials that homeowners buy.

Here is what you should know about buying a metal roof vs shingles.

1. Asphalt Roofing is a Less Expensive Investment

Roofs cost $5,000 to $10,000 on average. With these averages, you can typically expect asphalt roofing to cost on the lower end.

Money is a factor no matter how you slice it, so if you need a roof now and don’t want to spend as much, asphalt will be the clear winner. However, metal roofs are worth every penny if you can spring for it.

2. Metal Roofs Are More Durable for the Building

Metal roofing is low maintenance when compared to asphalt roofing. This roofing material lasts much longer than asphalt roofing.

Whether your house gets hit with a tree during a hurricane or heavy rainfall, you can generally expect the metal roofing to do a better job of withstanding the damage. Buying metal roofing can be a better investment for you if you live in a storm-prone location.

3. They Can Both Be Decorated or Finished to Look However You’d Like

People usually love the traditional beauty of an asphalt shingle roof. However, you can still get this look even if you buy a metal roof.

Metal roofs can be finished with different color schemes to make them look like tile, shingles, or other materials. Because of this, you shouldn’t let the appearance be a deterrent if you have your heart set on the appearance of shingle roofing.

4. Metal Roofs Are Fire-Resistant

Paying attention to fire safety will help you protect your home and your life. Metal roofing is fire resistant, so this is a bonus in that category.

If you live in a state like California that is prone to wildfires, you will need to provide your home with all of the fire protection that you can get. The fire-resistance of your roof can be the difference between your home being a total loss or not in these situations.

5. You Don’t Have to Worry About Rust With Asphalt Roofing

If you are worried about rust, asphalt shingles are also your best bet. With this said, today’s metal roofs are not as susceptible to rust and come with finishes that can prevent it from rusting for years.

Ask your roofer about these coatings and how you should take care of your metal roof if you are interested in preventing rust damage.

Metal Roof vs Shingles: Which is Better?

So when you compare a metal roof vs shingles, which one is better? This is all up to what you need for your home, but you should use these tips to help you figure it out.

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