Are you noticing signs of damage on your roof?

If so, you should take this lightly. Maintaining your roof should be a top priority. After all, it’s what keeps your house protected from the elements.

Even so, there are a lot of roof maintenance mistakes made by homeowners every day. We’ll look at six of the biggest.

1. Relying on Temporary Fixes 

You might believe that you can simply patch a leak or other damage on your roof. And in theory, you can. But chances are, you’re doing more harm than good. A professional roofer should inspect your roof to identify the problem.

If it’s a matter of resealing vents, securing loose flashing or nails, or recaulking the flashing around the chimney, your patching work isn’t going to cut it.  

2. Lack of Moisture Protection

When getting new shingles installed, be sure to opt for moisture protection underneath. Many homeowners try to save money by avoiding this step – believing that the shingles will be enough.

But adding the moisture barrier protects the decking beneath and keeps moisture from collecting there and causing potential decay. This is especially the case if you live somewhere with snow and ice in the winter. 

3. Putting in Too Much Insulation

In the vast majority of houses, the attic needs to be insulated. It helps to maintain a steady temperature in the home and keep hot or cold air from escaping. It’s a good thing. But you don’t want too much of that good thing.

Attics that are stuffed to the hilt with insulation may be challenged in the ventilation department. And without that air movement, you run the risk of mold and mildew on the underside of the decking of your roof. 

4. Not Managing Nature

If you have a wealth of trees, beware of overhanging branches. They’re an avenue for squirrels and rodents to bring debris up onto your roof. So be sure to trim them back and then get rid of debris before it clogs your gutters and leads to more serious damage.

In addition, loose twigs and branches from the tree can lodge between shingles and trap even more debris. 

Finally, be sure to clean off any moss that may have started growing on your roof. Which brings us to our next maintenance mistake…

5. Power/Pressure Washing Your Roof

As zealous as you may be to remove that moss or other debris, stick with your regular hose. It does a fine job of preventing the growth of harmful mold and mildew. A pressure washer is simply too much for the average roof to handle and could cause damage.   

6. Improperly Adding Nails

If you have loose shingles, don’t attempt to nail them down yourself. Leave the nail gun to the experts. They know exactly where to place them so that the nails are less likely to corrode and, even more importantly, you won’t end up with structural problems.

Avoid Roof Maintenance Mistakes

The above six roof maintenance mistakes are just a sampling of what can go wrong when you don’t take proper care of your roof or try to repair it yourself.

So keep it clean and clear of debris. And if you’re in need of a repair, don’t try to do it yourself. Contact us today to ensure the best work.

We’ve got you covered!