Statistics show that roofing replacements comprise 94% of the total volume of roofing projects in North America.

Have you ever had the roof on your home replaced? How old is the current roof? Are you currently having any issues with the roof? 

Staying ahead of any roofing issues is important to prevent leaks and damage to the interior of your home.

Keep reading to learn the answer to how do you know when you need a new roof: 

How Do You Know When You Need a New Roof: There Are Leaks

Water leaks are the most obvious sign that you will find that there is an issue with your roof. A brand new roof would not leak water and therefore the current one will need to be replaced. 

Leaks can happen when moisture starts to saturate the boards under the shingles and eventually makes its way inside the home. Stripping the roof of its shingles and replacing the affected boards beneath will help solve this issue. 

The Roof Is Over 20 Years Old

Typically, a roof will last between 20 and 25 years. If your roof is in that time span, there is a good chance it will need to be replaced in the near future. Some companies offer 30-year shingles now, but it is a good idea to have your roof checked when it gets to this age for structural purposes. 

Missing Shingles or Shingle Plant Growth

When you pull into your driveway, can you see shingles missing from your roof? Is there moss, algae, or plants growing from the shingles? 

Missing shingles can expose what is underneath to the weather elements and leave the roof less protected as a whole. While it is possible to replace a few shingles at a time, more may fall off if it is an older roof. 

Any moss or plant growth on the roof means that there is enough moisture being trapped to create that environment. Knowing this can be beneficial because it will allow you to identify the high moisture areas early and fix them before they cause issues within the home.

Recent Damage to the Roof

If parts of a tree have recently fallen or your home was involved in a hail storm, this can lead to needing a new roof. While it may look ok on the outside, there could be structural damage underneath.

Clogged Gutters

When it rains, the materials on your roof flow into your gutters. Sometimes this is a few leaves or sticks but when particles of shingles and other items start finding their way into the gutter, it could be time for a replacement. 

Avoiding clogged gutters by checking them regularly can help you know when they are getting full. This is especially important after a significant amount of rain or snow over a short period of time.

Replace Your Roof Today

Now that you have read about how do you know when you need a new roof, you can start the process of replacing your current roof today. Delaying the installation of a new roof could lead to an abundance of issues, so it is better to be proactive.

Give us a call today to get a free quote on what the project will cost.

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