Do you have a home, but don’t have a decent roof over your head? The roof of your home is one of the most important maintenance jobs to stay on top of. If your roof gets too far into disrepair you can be looking at thousands of dollars of damage in other areas of your home.

Recognizing the signs that you need roof maintenance is simple. Follow our guide to learn everything you need to know. 

Signs You Need Roof Maintenance

From water spots to shinning lights well cover five big signs that you need to call a roofing contractor. We’ll start with some of the bigger issues that are easy to spot.

 1. Older Than 20 

If your roof is 20 years or older its time for a new roof. This is an inevitable reality. It’s better to replace your roof while there are no issues rather than waiting for a warning sign of damage. 

If you’re not sure how old your roof is take a look at your neighbors’ houses. A lot of times the homes in communities were built around the same time. If your neighbors’ roofs are all new it may be time to replace yours.

2. Damaged and Missing Shingles

A dead give away is damaged and missing shingles. These missing shingles can expose the wood and cause it to start rotting. If you can see curled shingles or broken shingles its time to call the contractor. 

3. Watermarks 

If your starting to notice brownish water spots on your ceiling or walls you might have an issue. If your roof is leaking and getting the wood of your home wet. Action sooner than later will help you keep from further wood and structural damage. 

Water damage can also be dangerous to your health. This a sign you can not ignore.

4. Seeing Light

If you can walk into your attic with lights off and see light through the roof you definitely have an issue. This can cause damage even when it’s not raining.

This can allow animals into your home, or even more damage from winds. 

5. Sagging Roof Deck

This warning sign might not be visible from the outside of your home. This is why it’s important to regularly check in your attic for areas that might be sagging. 

These sagging areas may be warning signs that your roof is holding water among other issues.  Don’t attempt to walk around on your roof to check. If you need to inspect your roof do so on a stable and reliable ladder. 

Other Things to Think About 

Roof maintenance is important to make sure the rest of your house can stand up to time. Taking the time to check for these warnings can help save you lots of money down the road. 

Let Us Help You

We hope this short guide helped you determine if you need roof maintenance. Don’t forget to share this with family and friends so they know hat to look for too.

If you do need to repair or replace your roof reach out to us today. We can help identify problems and help you decide the best course of action.