To have ‘a roof over your head’ is something we say that denotes being in the security of your own home. Yet, it’s surprising how little thought or attention we really give that ‘roof.’

A frequent question is, how long do roof shingles last? Most people are unaware that roof shingles have a fixed lifetime of about 15-20 years. That means you will need to think about replacing them at some point.

However, other factors can cause roof damage. If you’re aware of what those things are, you can do much to prevent early damage to your roof and make sure you get the full life potential from your roof shingles. In this article, you will learn about 5 of the most common causes of roof damage every homeowner needs to know.

1. You Cannot Hold Back the Weather

It doesn’t matter where you live or what weather you’re exposed to, your roof will be affected by the weather. In fact, that’s one of the main reasons your house has a roof, so it’s no surprise.

Intense hot weather will weaken your roof and so will wet weather. Storms are a constant threat to the condition of your roof. Water damage in your home, loose shingles, or cracked shingles can all be a sign you have weather-related roof damage.

2. Uninvited Guests

Nobody wants squatters in their home, but you may be surprised your roof is serving as the local hotel for some of the wildlife. Squirrels, rats, and cats are often animals that like to reside in or on your roof.

Their busybody coming and going has an unwanted effect on the stability and alignment of your roof shingles. If left unmanaged, your roof will eventually compromise its integrity allowing water and other elements under the shingles causing damage.

3. Getting Off to a Bad Start

You can have the best shingles on the market but if your roof has not been installed properly at the start, then your roof will run into problems sooner or later. What are the signs this may have happened? Take a look at what your roof looks like.

The shingles should be uniform and well-aligned. If your roof has just been put on there should be no shingles missing. Check the gutters and drip edge sheets are fixed properly. If any of this does not look as it should, make sure you get these roof issues sorted.

4. Gutted by Roof Damage

You will be if you neglect your guttering. This needs to be regularly cleaned and unblocked. Debris and dead leaves etc, can block up your gutters and lead to water being trapped on your roof.

Your roof is not designed to be immersed in water like this. In the end, sustained exposure to water like this will damage your roof.

5. Neglect of Maintenance

When you don’t check your roof for small repairs they get missed until you have a much bigger roof problem on your hands. It’s advised to have a 6 monthly roof inspection so that your roof doesn’t suffer from neglect. A professional will be able to spot the signs you miss.

Roof Damage – Not Over Your Head

In this article, you have read about 5 signs of roof damage that you need to know. Roof problems can feel overwhelming and we might think we lack the expertise to manage any roof issues.

Although it’s true that you need a professional opinion from time to time but in the case of what causes damage to roofs, as long as you follow these signs above you should be able to do much to avoid any premature problems with your roof.

When you’re ready for that professional input, you can get in touch with us here to ask any questions or seek further advice.